Our Philosophy

In Dogs We Trust uses positive methods that can be integrated into your daily routine. This is not a sport or competitive training facility, we aim for impressively trained family pets by utilizing a unique program which focuses on impulse control. Class curriculum includes training your dog how to focus on you, control his excitement and respond to the first cue happily! Check out our testimonials page to see what some of our clients have to say about our services. Watch owner and head trainer Melissa Millett on Doggy Diaries on Rogers TV London and Kitchener!


Our Staff

Melissa Millett
Melissa Millett

Founder and head trainer of In Dogs We Trust, Melissa Millett started training in competitive obedience as a hobby with her own dog in 1998 and immediately developed a lifelong passion with training dogs. Since then, Melissa has taught thousands of family pets, holds training workshops for professionals in the pet industry including Veterinary technicians, Service Dog Trainers and monthly sessions for the staff and volunteers at the London Humane Society.

As an animal expert, Melissa has been featured on every major Canadian TV network as well as internationally. Breakfast Television (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary), CP24, Global News, CTV (Toronto, Vancouver), Animal Planet, The Pet Network, etc. Host of the popular Television Show "Doggy House Calls" and the spin off series "Doggy Diaries" in London, Kitchener and Ottawa.

Founder and performer of the 'Ultimutts' a division of In Dogs We Trust, the stunt dog show boasts dogs (and a trained cat) that can walk tightropes, jump rope, ride scooters, skateboards, walking handstands, and more! A few of the Ultimutts have been featured internationally on; Good Morning America, The Rick Mercer Report, The Family Channel, CBC and Cineplex Theatres. Bella the Boston Terrier has traveled across the country with Ripleys Believe it or Not! to promote her appearance in the 2016 publication. Jellybean the DEAF Australian Cattle Dog made it to the semi finals of the Facebook Watch show "World's Most Amazing Dog" receiving 22 million views and coming very close to winning $100.000US!

Melissa also trains animals for film and TV, most notably the cats for Stephen Kings 2019 Pet Sematary. Our Hollywoof classes offer an opportunity for clients of IDWT to train their own Hollywood star. Dogs trained at In Dogs We Trust have been featured in Commercials for Tim Hortons, Duracell, a 2019 SUPERBOWL commercial and alongside A-list celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and Sam Worthington (Avatar)!

All basic classes at IDWT are geared towards having a wonderful and calm family pet as opposed to a sporting dog or obedience competitor. Melissa's interest in extreme trick dogs absolutely helps with family pet training. After all, if she can easily teach a dog to walk a tightrope or skateboard, then teaching your dog to come, stay and walk nicely on a leash is a piece of cake!

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Laura Gifford

Laura Gifford is a Registered Veterinary Technician that has been a trainer for In Dogs We Trust since 2007.

She met Melissa by attending her training classes with her then 3 year old Lab X and her newly adopted Cattledog X. Always having a strong interest in dog training and dog behaviour she was overjoyed when Melissa invited her to assist in some classes which quickly became a regular pass time. Laura enjoys training her 3 dogs Lilly, Kaz and their newest edition George who helps assist her in the classes that she teaches.

Laura, along with her dog Lilly, is also a member of the Ultimutts Stunt Dog show that Melissa founded in 2010. Laura has a particular interest in dog behaviour, obedience, tricks and has been featured on the television show "Doggy House Calls".


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Mary Moody

Administrative Services Manager
Known to many as the mystical Wizard Of Oz, the never seen, yet ever present brains behind the emails, and registrations is Mary. Not a Professional Dog Trainer, she has added her cheerful disposition to the front line, first contact person at In Dogs We Trust.

Mary brought her hamster sized Bichon puppy Lacie to us for training in 2009 and has never left. She and Lacie were part of the original Ultimutts, appearing at many fairs, and festivals as well as television spots on Breakfast Television, The Rick Mercer Report, CP24, and Doggy House Calls. Lacie is part of the cast of the popular kids show on CBC, Ruby Skye PI The Maltese Puppy. True acting is when a Bichon plays the role of a Maltese. Email Mary at info@indogswetrust.ca for class information, registration, booking appointments for private lessons, and walk and train packages.


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JJ met Melissa in 2014 when she needed help with her reactive 1 year old Silky Terrier pup Jax. Both Jax and JJ learned so much that they decided to continue into tricks and studying Canine Body language to help understand emotions in dogs. Jax thoroughly enjoyed the tricks class so they continued in a couple more courses until they eventually joined Melissa's "Muttley Crew Therapeutic Trick Dogs" to visit seniors homes and other events in the London area for trick shows.

JJ's love of dog training has really grown and she completed a 1 year apprenticeship with Melissa to study the skills needed to teach Puppy, Basic, Intermediate and Tricks Classes. JJ also shares her home with an almost 17 year old black cat named Fonzie... who is full of his own tricks!


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Taylor Conley

Taylor started apprenticing with In Dogs We Trust in January of 2018 after attending puppy classes with Melissa in 2016, taking the Fun Agility course in 2017, and working privately with Melissa in 2017. A lifelong dog lover, she was thrilled to have the opportunity to apprentice with Melissa at In Dogs We Trust.

By day, Taylor works as an elementary French Immersion teacher but when she is not in the classroom, she can usually be found hanging out around London with her husband, Derek, and their very excitable Bull Mastiff-Shepherd cross, Roxy.


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